With the epileptic power supply and inevitable blackouts in Nigeria, inverters have come to the rescue. Increasingly, Nigerians are seeing the wisdom in turning to the inverter solution to mitigate the power supply shortfall we face.

Every customer needs the services of professionals to buy and install top-performing and reliable inverters and solar power components (solar panels, charge controllers, etc.) in Nigeria. If you want to buy inverters, solar panels or accessories from anywhere in Nigeria, we offer you a reliable range of products that would deliver in performance.

We also install street lights for communities, city centers, villages and streets. With our solar powered street lights, we guarantee steady lights in areas installed from dusk to dawn without any form of assistance or interference.

We also install solar pumps and our solar pumps work effectively strictly with solar panels whereby the pump automatically switch on/off depending on the water level.

We also carry out routine maintenance on all our existing systems.